Hiawassee, GA - Environment (Post 4)

Hiawassee Highlights: Photos From Day 2

A picture of the wood splitting area at Enota; our MAB site!

A picture of the natural, fresh eggs covered with chicken poop that we had to clean.

A picture of adorable bunnies attempting to eat my (Maiya) finger.

A picture of Evan splitting some woods.

A picture of Sianna driving the Enota truck.

A picture of Enota's minature horses.

A picture of momma goat nursing baby goat.

A daring picture of Alex and Adam.

A very candid picture of Rachel, Kari, Sianna, Alex, and Adam on a log.

A picture of Adam during our hike to a 200 ft. waterfall.

A picture of Adam with the 200 ft. waterfall in the background.

A picture of me (Maiya) during our hike to the 200 ft. waterfall.

WE MADE IT! Adam and Julia at the base; the rest of the group at the very top.

A picture of Evan, Danielle, and Joe while heading back down the mountain.

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