Fort Thompson, SD - Native American Issues (Post 4)

We had another day full of cultural experiences and service today. In the morning, Chauncey, a spiritual leader in the community, showed us where he grew up in Crow Creek. He told us about his family history and things that he used to do as a kid, like ride his horse to the schoolhouse. Chauncey took us to a field where Echinacea flowers grow and we harvested roots from the Echinacea flower. Chauncey uses the roots along with other native herbs to make tea and give it as gifts in the community.

We proceeded to meet with the group from Boulder at a church in Ft. Thompson where we were kindly served traditional Indian Tacos by Sister Charles, a Nun at the local church. It was the first time we got to experience traditional native food, and we got to have great conversation with the Boulder group and the leaders of Habitat for Humanity. We all loved the Native American take on tacos, which included fry bread instead of tortillas.

After lunch, we went to work at the Volunteer Center. We spent most of our time assisting an Elder, named Dorothy, organize the second hand store that she runs. We put all of the winter clothes into storage and put the warm weather clothes on display. Dorothy was so grateful, and she loved to have company and assistance. We all had a lot of fun together as we worked, and even got a group picture featuring the girls AND boys sporting ladies pajama shirts. Even Dorothy joined in on the fun.

After working at the Volunteer Center, we went to The Boys and Girls Club. Our afternoon consisted of watching The Lion King and making bead pets and friendship bracelets. It was our last day with the children today, and it was very emotional for all of us! We have grown so attached to the children and the culture. The children are so respectful and have the upmost respect for their elders. Although we tried not to have a tearful goodbye, it was hard to see the kids leave at the end of the day and think that we wouldn’t be seeing them for a very long time, if ever. However, some of us discussed our feelings about it being our last day with them, and we recognized that it was a good thing that we showed them love and compassion and they also showed the same virtues to us. We will take the positivity we have experienced at Boys and Girls Club back to Mizzou with us along with so many other things.

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