Denver, CO 1 - Habitat for Humanity (Post 3)

Tuesday, March 25th.

Yesterday we began the day by driving to Red Rocks in Colorado for sunrise. WOW!

It was a great idea until we were all crabby in the afternoon and were in need of a McDonalds break and a nap. However, when we were on our way back to get a quick nap before starting our service at 2, we got a call from Habitat saying it was time to do some group orientation immediately! Though we were all tired and maybe a little cranky, we decided to take MAB's advice and be gumby. Sometimes plans change and you have to go with the flow, so we picked up our attitudes and our energy and went to the Denver office of Habitat for Humanity.

There we learned some of the rules of Habitat for Humanity and its purpose. We were able to participate in some icebreaker activities regarding some issues that could be encountered in a typical day of service. In addition, today was our second day working at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, prior to beginning at the site on Wednesday. Below is a picture with our Habitat contact, Lauren. Our group is still obsessed with selfies. Everywhere we go--SELFIE.


After an exhausting day of work at the Restore and waking up early to enjoy Colorado scenery, we decided to have a MABamily massage train. It was a great success! :)

 Peace. Love. Cheddar Bunnies. ​

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