Charleston, SC 3 - Habitat for Humanity (Post 2)

Charleston 3: Choose your own adventure

Taco Tuesday began (at 7 a.m. when we peacefully rose from our dwelling spaces/painfully at an ungodly hour) when we loaded up the (12-passenger van/iron monster) and headed to the Habitat Restore for our first day of service.  We were met with (smiles and a nutritious breakfast/coffee. Lots of coffee.) and headed to our build site.

Weeks of rain had delayed construction on the house so (only the foundation had been laid by the time we arrived/it looked like a mud wrestling pit and there were fire ants everywhere). We were quickly (instructed on the basics of house construction/thrown into action with heavy power tools and insufficient hammering skills), but we hit the ground running!

We had the opportunity to put up the very first walls of the house, which was (very rewarding/physically taxing). We’re sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. Choose your own!

1. It was a breakthrough in our friendship as a group because teamwork makes the dream work and we actually interacted with each other at lunch instead of awkwardly avoiding eye contact while stuffing our faces as quickly as possible.
2. It represented the foundation of a lifetime of service that we’re all committed to.
3. Raising the first wall was a monumental development signifying a new start for the family that will one day live in the house.
4. The exterior walls are like writing a really solid thesis for your research paper that’s due next week so that all you have to do is go fill in the empty stuff. Or like making your (turkey and cheese/vegetarian/tuna/organic fair trade magical peanut butter and jelly) sandwich with (Bread Co./Panera) bread, because a nice man from the church you’re staying in brought you an enormous bag full.

Despite the fact that most of us are (small/clumsy/small and clumsy) and that hammers are more difficult to use than they lead a person to believe, we finished framing almost three sides of the house. We may not be physically strong, but (we’re strong in heart/we fake it ‘til we make it #BeGumby).

After we finished at the site, we went back to our home base for tacos. They were (delicious/tacos). Then we went to the beach as the sun set and admired the beautiful (lighthouse/pile of rocks that looked like walruses from afar).  We instagrammed (some well-composed landscape shots/ALL THE SELFIES).

Then we got FroYo, which is the (best/only) way to end a (fantastic/exhausting/exhtastic) day. The FroYo place had an exotic flavor called taro, which (has the nutritional value of spinach/tastes “kind of milky and, like, a little bitter…and sweet, too”). It wasn’t just MABery good. IT WAS PERFECT. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. 

On a serious note, our first day of service was a great learning experience and really helped us grow as a group. We really enjoyed the opportunity to serve with Habitat and are looking forward to what the rest of the week brings.

MABuilders in peace, love and service,

Em & Evan

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