Kentucky - Environment Day 7

Day 7:

Written By Lauren Sedlacek:

Our final day was dedicated to traveling. We were all sad to leave our cabin and the people we had met, but we knew the week's adventure had to come to an end. At 7 am the boys headed down to the lake for an early morning jump off the barge docks. Nathan attempted to wake the ladies with a single "bllllrrrrring," but he got no answer from us except from sleepy Caitlin unknowingly mumbling "okay, thanks." They canoed back grateful for the chocolate chip pancakes and eggs we assembled for breakfast with the rest of our leftovers.

This morning we packed and cleaned, ate some noms, stuffed the cars, and headed back to good ol' Mizzou. BUT WAIT. We almost forgot to take our picture with the "Please Visit Other Kentucky State Parks" sign. After a quick u-turn, we quickly assembled around our very unwelcoming welcome from the first day. I can't wait to see how that group picture turned out (especially since we had to take it using the self-timer and balancing the camera on top of our car).

We jammed to various tunes in the van, while the Durango bumped to some country. In the van all of us in the back plotted and launched an attack on our speakers to the song "Call Me Maybe." As soon as the song began, the boys up front turned the fader to the back. The audacity! Oh well, we redeemed ourselves with some Eddie Money and Jason Mraz.

For lunch we spiced up our lives with a little Taco Bell-White Castle combination. The Doritos Locos Taco was a popular pick, and one of Max's many "firsts" this week along with his sushi bite last night.

Back on campus we all parted ways but only for a few hours (we just can't get enough of each other!). Now we've reunited to reflect on our trip, play some Mafia and Nintendo 64, and just hangout on our home turf. We're happy to be back and share this time thinking about the difference we made in Kentucky. Thanks for following our journey!

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