New Orleans--Homelessness and Poverty

Yesterday, we finished up at Love in Action Outreach. It was nice to see all of the people we were able to help and the overwhelming response we got from those that we helped. People were so appreciative and it was wonderful. We also volunteered with the New Orleans Art Museum by mulching and weeding.

Today was our last day of work here in New Orleans. We went back to Beacon of Hope and got to see the progress that had been done on the house throughout the week. We also enjoyed walking around the sculpture park together and experiencing crawfish together. The worst part of today was seeing all of the kU fans swarm into New Orleans for the Final Four. Overall, we are all baffled by the fact that it was months ago that we received emails about being chosen for the trip, and the trip ends tonight. As this has gone on, we have become friends committed in service to New Orleans. Only this group of twelve people will ever understand the magnitude of the work we have done and the unique experiences we have each had. We have had a week that cannot be described in words, but will always be a part of each member on this trip.

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